Fishing Ucluelet on the West Coast of Vancouver Island !

Why Ucluelet when there are many spots to choose from on Vancouver Island? We believe Ucluelet is the most consistent producer of Chinook, Coho and Halibut on the west coast. Also, Ucluelet often has the best weather for both wind and rain on the west coast as well. During the summer months, Ucluelet usually does not see too much rain. While it is still the west coast, check the wind reports north and south of Ucluelet and you will find that it often has the least amount of wind blowing. fishing salmon bc

Fishing in Ucluelet made easy!

So how easy is it to get to Ucluelet? That is another reason we thing you should choose Ucluelet as your fishing destination. It is a ferry ride from Vancouver and then a 2.5 hour scenic drive to Ucluelet from Nanaimo. Make sure you bring coolers large enough to take all you salmon and halibut home. Our most common problem is guests buying coolers to pack in their extra salmon and halibut.

Salmon fishing in Ucluelet

firefox Large Feeding grounds for salmon : There are a plethora of place to fish offshore Ucluelet which is what makes it so great for the experienced guide and harder for someone just starting out. Ucluelet can be the most rewarding for the experienced guide, but frustrating for someone not familiar with the area. There are over 30 areas you can fish around Ucluelet and knowing which ones are producing is the key to success. Let our guides get you into the right place at the right time to fill you tub. We often can have days where we are catching tubs that weigh 100-150lbs of salmon and halibut. If you come fishing here, you won't be dissappointed in the catch rates! Most people who have fished other areas including Alaska are surprised at the number of fish coming in!


The town of Ucluelet!

Vancouver Island about 300 miles long and 150 miles wide at the widest point. Ucluelet is located just south of the halfway mark on the west coast. It has a size of about 2000 people during the winter and increases to almost twice the size during the summer months. During the busiest time you can wonder where all the tourists are, even though we have many toursists during the summer. We appreciate the remote feel with not many people around, but still enjoying all the services you would get in a regular town. You can go shopping, relax in the spa, visit the aquarium or just relax on the deck of a restaurant overlooking the water.